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Earthquake Ready 4U was started because of a recognized need for helping individuals, families, and businesses with their home and office earthquake preparation needs. We are told constanly to be ready for the big one but it seems nobody quite knows what to do to prepare. That is why we exist, to help you. We come in and set you up for basic preparedness, or advanced if desired .For a fee your preparedness items will be taken care of and you can finally stop worrying. You will feel better being prepared.

We also offer consulting and evaluation services only to individuals, families, and small businesses of homes, apartments, condominiums and offices.

We of course offer securing services such as book cases, china cabinets, etc., we also provide necessary emergency supplies and materials as needed.

Lastly, we help develop an advanced and custom plan option for a further extension and higher level of readiness. This will increase your comfort and safety during a major earthquake.


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