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It's been stated to us by emergency personnel that should the "Big One" hit, individuals will be "on their own"! Emergency personnel will be overwhelmed and their access probably cutoff to most homes and businesses.

Hence various agencies (Red Cross, FEMA, etc.) strongly recommend you to be prepared.

With major infrastructure damage expected, roads will be impassable, water utilities will go down, power and gas will be lost. This could last for up to two weeks or longer. Are you ready to be without power, gas, water for 3 to 14 days? Are the large items in your home or office secured?

That is why we exist. We realize you pay to have others take care of things you can do yourself such as have your lawns taken care of, your car washed, your home cleaned, even your children cared for, and of course you pay for insurance in case of unfortunate incidents. Think about paying someone to take care of your Earthquake Preparedness. It's an insurance that could literally save your or a loved one's life.

Call us today.  818-517-2024 or email us at Info@EQR4U.com for a no cost chat about your situation.

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What we offer! We come to your home or small business and:

* Provide fire extinguisher

* Secure china cabinet, and/or

    • File cabinets
    • Bookcases
    • Armoires
    • Hutches
    • Grandfather clocks
    • Entertainment centers
    • Stereo Systems
    • Etc.

* Provide latches for kitchen cabinets that have glass or china in them.
* Place museum wax on china, vases and figurines to prevent falling
* Help develop a family plan
* Secure heavy or large pictures or art to wall
* Show you where to be in a room during a quake
* Provide basic food and water supplies
* Provide information on advancing your plan further yourself
* Identify location of gas, power and water shutoff’s
* Help identify and organize important documents
* Show you how we can offer a more advanced plan
* What to do before, during and after a Quake

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